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The Benefits Of Morristown Sump Pump Installation

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Morristown Sump Pump

Maybe your idea of a sump pump is a dirty, smelly pit and the only time you really see it is when it fails and your basement or crawl space is full of water.

Many times Morristown sump pumps are installed by do-it-yourself homeowners or contractors who are not full-time waterproofers. Either scenario can leave you with a pump that isn’t as good as it could be.

How A Sump Pump Works

Sump pumps are made so when water reaches a certain level, a lever is tripped which turns the pump on. It takes the water and moves it out of the basement or crawl space via a discharge line. This line goes outside the home and brings the water away from the house.

A common issue with Morristown sump pumps is that the water they carry comes from within the ground. So that means the water has dirt in it which can clog pipes and pumps over years of use.

The worst part is, this could happen any time of the day, and odds are you won’t be in your basement or crawl space to hear it or see it. That means it would stop working and water would back up into your home, potentially causing water damage.

Avoid Basement Damage

This scenario can be avoided with two tools. Some Morristown sump pumps on the market have a secondary pump in the same basin – if the first pump does not turn on for any reason, the second one will kick on and start pumping water. Also, during periods of heavy rainfall, having a secondary pump gets water out of the basement at a faster rate.

Installing a sump pump alarm is another great idea because it alerts you when the water has risen past the point where the pump should have turned on. Most people don’t spend much time in their unfinished basement or crawl space. So you wouldn’t know you had water coming in from a failing sump pump until the next time you happened to enter that space.

A sump pump alarm sounds off telling you your basement or crawl space system needs to be checked. This is invaluable so you are aware of what’s going on in your basement to avoid major water damage. An added benefit is that a sump pump alarm takes the stress off your shoulders – no more going into your basement at all hours of the day or night to check if the pump is working. The alarm will let you know if there’s an issue.

Sump pumps are machines, right?

Cars are mechanical devices we use constantly – they’re a collection of parts that work together to get us from point A to point B. The parts are made up of levers, screws, washers and other parts, which work hard.

These parts in turn have lubricating oil and grease on them which eventually wear down. Most car owners bring their cars in for routine oil changes and maintenance. What this does is replace the screws, grease and other parts that get tired and wear down over time.

Like a car, a pump is also a mechanical device. It is made up of switches, propellers and pumps which can wear down with time and use. So the logical decision is to get the pump serviced each year, much like you might do with your car. Even though responsible waterproofing companies use high quality pumps, this yearly maintenance helps ensure that your Morristown sump pump works at full capacity when you need it most.

And since you won’t know when exactly that will happen, your best defense is a good offense. Simply put, yearly maintenance of your sump pump and waterproofing system can help avoid headaches down the road.

What can they do?

When your sump pump maintenance is performed, responsible waterproofing technicians will: check that valves work properly, look for potential problems, flood test the pump and interior drain system. This helps get any residual silt or sediment out of the system which may have washed in during a heavy rain, and detects any potential problems.

Having maintenance performed regularly ensures your Morristown sump pump and waterproofing system work for you when you need it most. That’s what you paid for in the basement waterproofing system, isn’t it?

Excellent basement waterproofing contractors have a service department who can help you ensure your system maintenance is routinely scheduled each year. A good one should answer any questions and concerns you may have, while they’re at your home performing the maintenance.

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