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The Importance of Gas Line and Gas Pipe Inspections in Morristown

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Gas line and gas pipe inspections should be done on a regular basis to ensure the safety of your home or office. There are multiple dangers involved if you have a leaking gas line and pipe. For one, gas is combustible and flammable. Not finding and repairing a gas line leak may result in an explosion and tremendous damage to your property. The leaking gas can collect in one place and build up pressure and may explode if the right conditions are met. Secondly, many people actually die each year from gas leaks that they are unaware of. Even though the gas company does put an agent in the gas to make it smell sometimes you can’t smell the gas and the leak goes undetected unless you regularly inspect your lines and pipes.

Having an undetected Morristown gas leak may also mean that you are wasting resources. Gas lines are metered lines, which mean you are going to be billed on the amount of gas that goes through your line. A leaking line will greatly increase the amount of gas you use and are billed for resulting in an unnecessary increase in expense.

Although a higher than normal gas bill can mean a leaking gas system it is not a good idea to use that method as a way to be safe. Hiring a professional Morristown plumber who has experience in gas lines and pipes is the best way to ensure everything is in good shape.

Most gas pipes are underground or hidden from view and a problem with your line probably will not be visible to you. This makes it more dangerous since you do not have any idea on the real condition of your gas system. A gas line and pipe inspection on a regular basis will certainly ease your worries.

These types of inspections do take time to complete and it can be expensive but it is worth it to know that you are safe from leaks and the dangers of a leaking gas line.

Something precautions you should take if you suspect a gas leak;

  1. Take care not to do something that may cause the gas to ignite and cause an explosion such as lighting a cigarette or match, using the telephone, or even turning on a light switch. All those things could cause a spark and ignite an explosion.
  2. Tell anyone in the near vicinity that you suspect a gas leak and to stay clear of the building and area.
  3. Make sure you leave the area maintaining at least 200 feet or more from the structure
  4. Call 911, the fire department or your local gas company right away and tell them of the situation
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