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What You Need to Know About Garbage Disposal Repair in Morristown

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There are few things in your kitchen that you have the ability to count on as much as the garbage disposal. It is the one machine you will be able to purchase for less than $100. It is also one of the few machines which will actually last for 25 years when properly cared for. This does not mean it is free from having problems. This is why it is a good idea to have a general understanding of garbage disposal repair.

In comparison to the rest of the appliances in your kitchen, the garbage disposal is fairly simple to repair. You will likely only need to unclog the drain. In many cases you will need to simply reset the unit. Only in very rare cases will you ever need to call out a plumber to help you with the repair. In most cases the repair will be cheap is not free. Remember that the next time your freezer stops working.

Unclog the Drain

Before you do anything with your Morristown disposal, make sure that the power is turned off. You may even want to unplug or turn off the breaker. Use a flashlight to look in the drain. If you see a spoon or other kinds of material whichdoes not belong, this can be causing the clog. If not, the appliance actually comes with a key to unclog it. Turn the key in both directions to try and dislodge anything causing the problem. Only in rare cases will you face garbage disposal replacement to fix the problem.

Reset the Unit

If unclogging the unit does not work, look for the red reset button. If this is sticking out, simply press it back in. Unlike your dishwasher or some other appliance, the unit will shut off if it encounters a problem. You may also want to check the plug to see if it is securely plugged in as well as the breaker to see if it is set.

Calling a Plumber

The last resort you can use for garbage disposal repair is to call a Morristown plumber. Before you do this, consider how much it will cost and whether you would rather just buy a new unit. Unlike an oven, you are only talking about a few hundred dollars at the maximum. Installing it is an easier to as you will not need to deal with gas lines or anything else. Simple hook ups like the one to your dishwasher is all you will have to worry about.

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